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April 2022

Armor Crack

Sometimes The Armor Cracks

By Blog
I was at the EVAWI 2022 conference listening to the final plenary, “A Story Of Triumph Over Tragedy,” presented by Michelle Corrao. She was sharing the story of her abduction, the violent rapes forced upon her, and her subsequent rescue from the trunk of a car. While she shared the 10,000 foot detail view of the violence, it was her...
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Pets in protective orders

Animals In Domestic Violence Restraining Orders: MO

By Missouri, Policy

MISSOURI allows domestic violence protective orders to include pets. In addition, federal law includes the crime of stalking and actions that make the victim fear that the stalker will hurt the victim’s pet, service or emotional support animal, or horse (18 U.S.C. § 2261A (2019)). BLUE STATES specifically provide for the inclusion of pets in protective/restraining orders. GRAY STATES do not…

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