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A Justice Crew Holiday Poem

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‘Twas the night before my court date and all through the day
My poor nerve endings were frazzled, I was in serious dismay
My evidence was all packaged in my VictimsVoice App
And my advocate said, “At least try a small nap.
You have Prosecutors in your corner and we have a strong case.
Every piece of good evidence is all in its place.”
My children were nestled all safe in their room
Without any fears and without any gloom.

The VictimsVoice Justice Crew had worked hard all year long
to make vast improvements so the tool would be strong.
They added new features and security and more
like InMail for users that they had asked for.

The attention was needed for indigenous natives
Since often their needs are not part of the narratives.
They added some questions and sorted things out
to navigate jurisdiction with little or no doubt.

But users are not all they were able to assist
There were those who help them like nonprofits on the list.
Law enforcement and DA’s and family lawyers there too
could now give a tool and get resources – quite a few.
Continuing education, webinars and trainings,
marketing, analytics, and all sorts of things.

To get the work done they needed smart people aboard
so they enlisted the best on their advisory board.
“Now Sharon, Heather, Anna, Ivette, Rita, and Christy
Now Neisha, Ilsy, Marcus, Derrick, David, Tina, and Kelsey”
They needed the best and these functional experts
make sure the app’s ready to put away perverts.
Cyber security, prosecution, law enforcement, finance too
DEI, victim advocacy, all representation of value.

With the VictimsVoice Justice Crew fighting for my rights
I lay down for some sleep on this cold winter night.
A nap was suggested and I think that is good
for tomorrow my life story will be understood.

This app was important, for I could not record
I’m in an all-party consent state where the law is absurd.
It states if I record without his consent
I could be charged with a felony because of my intent.
But I’ve documented legally and my evidence is safe.
My restraining order’s secured and everything is in place.
The VictimsVoice App made sure everything was right
And looked out for me with encrypted oversight.

If you know someone who’s holiday’s are dark
Then share this long poem and give them a spark.
There are VictimsVoice Partners who really do care
And help is around us everywhere.

Hope is what drives us all to better lives
And I hope your holiday will be merry and bright.

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