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Our Mission: Giving Victims a Legal Voice.

At VictimsVoice, everything we do is empowering people to have happier, healthier lives beyond all forms of abuse.


We believe in truth preservation.

The way we empower people is by giving them the tools to capture the truth,
store their truth, and share that truth with those that can help.

We just supply the tools to do it.

Native American Alaska Native Pacific Islander

We gather today on the land of the Lenni Lenape. As members of the Princeton community, we aspire to show appreciation, respect and concern for all peoples and our environment.

We honor the Lenape and other Indigenous caretakers of these lands and waters, the elders who lived here before, the Indigenous today, and the generations to come.


Please note: We do not offer social services. If you need immediate help, please dial 911 or contact your nearest crisis shelter.
300 Witherspoon Street
Suite 201
Princeton, NJ 08540

E: VictimsVoice(at)EBinRA(dot)com

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A Personal Message From Our CEO

VictimsVoice Justice Crew Leadership

Sheri Kurdakul

Founder and CEO (SuperSHEro)

Sheri Kurdakul is the VictimsVoice front lady, whose superpowers include taking unpopular complex problems and creating easy to use solutions that generate measurable results. She’s a survivor of over 29 years of child abuse, child sexual assault, sexual assault, and domestic violence and has endured the criminal, civil, and family court system experiences.

Formerly, she was the Managing Partner of Holistic Business Solutions, a small business and nonprofit consulting firm focused on planning and implementing integrated operational systems such as contact relationship management (CRM) systems, marketing automation, inventory and donor management, accounting management, and custom integration and data automation. Sheri has spoken for many professional organizations and has published several industry papers, magazine articles, and continuing education courses.

Her focus now is on making a measurable difference in the lives of victims and survivors so their abusers can be held accountable and they can begin to reclaim and rebuild their lives in safety and on their own terms.


Co-Founder & CTO (SuperHEro)

Charles is our VictimsVoice technical superhero! As a former corporate information systems manager and thereafter an entrepreneur, he has assisted a number of organizations with the development and implementation of end-to-end integrated technology solutions.

Charles gained his technical experience as a programmer, corporate information systems manager, owner-operator of an Internet Service Provider and in the last number of years has focused on business process consulting as it related to web-based technologies.

Charles’ cross-disciplines in business and technology provide him with insight into the “why” behind both the business and technical goals which govern their business/organizational decisions.

VictimsVoice Justice Crew Advisors

Sharon Boyd

Sharon P. Boyd

President at Eccentric Staffing Solutions, LLC (SuperSHEro)

Sharon is a Trained DEI Practitioner and Advocate for Equity, Justice, and Equality. She has been in the HR field for over 25 years and currently consults as a full-time senior diversity consultant for Accenture. Sharon was born into a family of activists and humanitarians who serve their communities, and she is a longtime civil rights activist.  She is a sexual abuse survivor and is passionate about giving back and supporting underrepresented and marginalized communities.  

“I Stand against Racism, Hate, and Bigotry and believe we are one race (the human race).”
– Sharon P. Boyd

Heather Glogolich

Lieutenant, Morris Township Police Department (SuperSHEro)

Heather is a Police Lieutenant for a Morris County, New Jersey Law Enforcement Agency with 15 years of experience. Among her many responsibilities, she investigates domestic violence incidents which include the support of victims. Heather is passionate and dedicated to taking action to aid victims of all crimes which is one of the main reasons she became a police officer.

Heather is a survivor of domestic violence which is why she has dedicated her time to be an advisor with VictimsVoice. Her pursuit for a world where victims are empowered and educated on how to take back control of their lives is paramount to her personal belief system. Heather tours the east coast as a panelist and presenter for victims’ advocacy. She is in the process of completing her first book which will feature her individual story of violence along with the mindset that helped her take control back of her life.

Heather Glogolich
Anna Heim

Anna Heim

Operations Manager, Ares Risk Management (SuperSHEro)

Anna is a Cyber, Data, and Information Security Consultant with over 25 years of experience in Information Security and Business and is head of the Cyber & Intelligence Division at Ares Risk Management. She has been described by her peers as the bridge between business and technology.

Anna started her career straight out of college where she had achieved an Associate Degree in Computer Science, then began in cybersecurity as a networked systems design engineer supporting the needs of Blue Chip Clients for IBM. Anna left the corporate world to pursue her vision as an entrepreneur, supporting the growth of SMEs by providing application training support with a particular focus on cyber and website security and compliance. She continued her studies and graduated from the University of Essex with a post-graduate certificate in Business Management, then furthered her technical knowledge and expertise in cyber, data, and information security with her post-graduate degree in Cyber & Information Security. Her CPD continues with Cyberay where she has achieved a number of additional cyber, data, and information security qualifications. Anna is passionate about business and the criticality of cybersecurity as a means to building customer trust and quality assurance. Anna is a member of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) an international accreditation body for cybersecurity professionals. She is further credentialed as the following:

  • Level 7 Certificate – Data Auditor, Risk Management
  • ICO Registered – Data Protection Officer
  • SIA Licenced – Security Operations Manager
  • ISO – 9001-2015 – Quality Management Officer
  • ISO – 31000 – Risk Management Officer

Neisha Himes

Founder & CEO, G.R.O.W. Foundation (SuperSHEro)

After leaving a toxic and abusive relationship in late 2012, Neisha Himes began telling her story years later via her gift of spoken word. Known to the poetry community as “Beautiful Dizaster”, Neisha has featured on many stages and to date, uses her talent as a method of bringing awareness. In August 2016, she founded G.R.O.W. Foundation (Girls Recognizing Our Worth), a 501c3 non-profit assisting domestic violence survivors with rebuilding their lives after abuse. To learn more about victims’ rights and navigating through the legal system, Neisha served as a Victim/Witness Advocate for the Norfolk Commonwealth Attorney’s Office and a Domestic Violence Paralegal for the Chesapeake Commonwealth Attorney’s Office. In April 2020, she joined the Newport News Police Department as their Domestic Violence Outreach Liaison, playing a vital role in the agency’s newly implemented domestic violence program.

Since creating G.R.O.W., Neisha has received several notable accolades for her incredible advocacy work and relentless activism. In 2016, she was recognized by Investigation Discovery (in collaboration with People Magazine) as their “Inspire A Difference: Hero of the Month,” and in 2017, was also featured on PBS channel’s “Virginia Currents.” In 2019, she was the recipient of YWCA’s “Woman of Distinction Award.”, as well as the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence “Voices in Action-Survivor Activist Award”. In October 2020, she had the honor of being interviewed by Essence magazine in recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Neisha’s unwavering dedication to ending domestic violence and her passion for helping others is the driving force behind her motto “from pain to purpose”.

Neisha Himes
Christy Heiskala

Christy Heiskala

Survivor Advocate, Haeggquist & Eck, LLP (SuperSHEro)

Christy Heiskala is a victim advocate at Haeggquist & Eck, LLP, although we prefer to use the term survivor advocate. Christy is the first full-time victim advocate working for a civil law firm. Christy was determined to work with survivors of sexual assault and their families after her personal experience with the criminal and civil justice processes. Christy received Certified Victim Advocate training through the Department of Justice Office for Victims of Crime Technical Training and Assistance Center (OVTTAC). Christy received training from the Center for Community Solutions to become a sexual assault counselor certified by the California Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) and served as a sexual assault response team (SART) advocate. Prior to that, Christy received training from Voices for Children and served as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for foster care children. Christy founded the non-profit, Educate to Eliminate, where she trains kids, adults, and organizations on child sexual abuse prevention. Christy is a member of the San Diego Trauma-Informed Guide Team, Live Well San Diego, and serves on the following Lawyers Club of San Diego committees: Human Trafficking Collaborative, Sexual Harassment Task Force, Equality and Action Committee.

Ilsy Hoo

Miss New Jersey For America (SuperSHEro)

Ilsy J Hoo is our VictimsVoice celebrity. Ilsy, 2020 Miss New Jersey for America is a mom of 2 teens, engaged, full-time employee, entrepreneur, and humanitarian.

Her love in helping her community lead her to non-for-profits that help those in need. As a domestic violence survivor, she is passionate about bringing awareness to organizations that can bring a safe haven to those in need.

Ilsy, most recently spoke about her domestic violence experience on a podcast, Conversaciones Con Jen, and was interviewed by BELLA Latina magazine.

Ilsy Hoo Miss New Jersey for America
Ivette Kuyateh

Ivette Kuyateh, Esq.

Founder & Managing Partner, Kuyateh Law Group (SuperSHEro)

Often referred to as a “Wonder Woman” both in and out of the courtroom for her passion for standing strong as a voice for the voiceless and advocating for the rights of others, Ivette is a former prosecutor, an experienced litigator, and zealous advocate victim having handled hundreds of trials. She founded Kuyateh Law Group to focus her advocacy towards serving domestic violence and human trafficking victims with their civil, family, and immigration law cases, and empowering others with sound estate planning that protects their assets and peace of mind. Ivette’s journey from survivor to thriver has fueled her passion to educate women on overcoming the long-lasting effects of financial abuse through her No Woman Left Behind Conferences, presentations to law enforcement partners, podcast interviews, and her most television interview with WealthWave and the How Money Works Company.

Kelsey McKay

President, RESPOND Against Violence (SuperSHEro)

Kelsey McKay trains and consults nationally for communities to implement protocols in various fields including intimate partner violence, child abuse, sexual assault, the use of expert witnesses, translating trauma, and other complex topics. She was a prosecutor in Travis County, Texas for twelve years. For six years she exclusively prosecuted strangulation-related crimes ranging from assault, sexual assault to capital murder. She has developed and implemented protocols for strangulation and domestic violence response and treatment. To that end, she has strengthened how communities collaborate, investigate, treat and prosecute strangulation and intimate partner cases. She works to develop medical and non-medical experts in the community to testify to a jury regarding the evidence in strangulation, trauma-related crime, and family violence cases. She works with law enforcement to develop protocols and implement the use of a Strangulation Supplement (recently retitled: The Asphyxiation Assessment) into the field transforming the role of first responders to be more investigative by carrying her knowledge and needs as a prosecutor into the field on every case. In collaboration with the non-profit, RESPOND Against Violence she is working to develop an evidence-based protocol to assist communities to implement a Blueprint of Policies for Asphyxiation Crimes.


Marcus Padulchick

Founder, The Padulchick Group (SuperHEro)

Marcus is a leading business strategist and an expert on innovation and client engagement. He is a consultant to over 50 companies in over 20 industries on 3 continents and author of the best-selling self-empowerment book, “Welcome To The Human Experience.” He also served as In-House Expert to Johnson & Johnson Strength for Caring initiative. Padulchick was the marketing and strategic placement advisor for McNeil Nutritional. He created and hosted the Padulchick Center for Entrepreneurship Leadership Series with a dozen great innovators.

Marcus is a rare speaker who brings a fun but informative presentation, as an entrepreneur, business adviser, writer, and published author, board member of 3 long-standing nonprofits. Awarded the man of the year award in 1998 by Nutritional Nursing magazine, Atlanta GA. Marcus has been the keynote speaker to a wide variety of venues including the national convention of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health, Johnson & Johnson, and HMO Blue NJ.

Today, Marcus’s focus is assisting women entrepreneurs and small business owners maintain a growth cycle with their business through business strategy, brand development, utilization of digital and social media tools.

Christina M. Reger, Esq.

Founding Partner, Law Offices of Christina Reger, LLC (SuperSHEro)

Christina M. Reger is the founding partner of the Law Offices of Christina Reger, LLC, a woman-owned firm. Tina handles litigation and counseling matters related to labor and employment for corporate, entrepreneurial, and start-up enterprises.

Tina regularly counsels businesses on how to comply with the barrage of new employment laws, regulations, opinions, and guidance from federal and state agencies. She prepares executive contracts, independent contractor agreements, non-compete, and non-solicitation agreements, and severance agreements and conducts employment law audits, including review of employment law policies, analysis of the classification of employees and independent contractors, wage and hour issues, and minimum wage compliance. Tina is a regular keynote presenter both regionally and nationally on employment law topics and legal ethics including employee classification, discrimination, and retaliation and she frequently conducts sexual harassment training to organizations of all sizes including proper complaint procedures, complaint handling, and most recently COVID-19 issues including the Families First Coronavirus Act, layoffs, furloughs and reopening your business.

Tina also has extensive experience in a variety of employment law litigation matters including business divorces, breach of employment contract disputes, unfair competition, discrimination and harassment, enforcement of restrictive covenants, business divorces, and a wide variety of other general commercial litigation matters. She represents employers in both federal and state courts as well as in agency proceedings including the federal and state Departments of Labor, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC), and state unemployment agencies.

In response to the #MeToo movement, Tina developed an interactive training program on sexual harassment and trains employees based upon their experience and understanding. She has published articles in SHRM and the Philadelphia Business Journal and the Legal Intelligencer.

Tina is active in her church and community and enjoys time with her loving husband and two boys.

Christina Reger
Derrick Reyes

Derrick Reyes

Founder & CEO, Queerly Health (SuperTHEYro)

Derrick uses they/them pronouns and is a social entrepreneur, consultant, executive coach, speaker, model, and skincare enthusiast. They identify as an Afro-Latinx, queer, gender non-binary, native New Yorker. Derrick leads Queerly Health, a social mission-driven company leveraging concierge health and digital health to end LGBTQ+ health disparities by 2030. Derrick has a clinical research background and earned their M.A. in Human Development and Social Intervention from NYU, along with an Advanced Certification in LGBTQ+ Health, Education, and Social Services. Derrick and Queerly Health have been featured in Forbes, SXSW, Product Hunt, NASDAQ, and SuperMaker. Derrick often advises and mentors other startup founders and, on occasion, co-facilitates a college class, walks a designer runway, or spends time at the United Nations as a delegate.

Rita Smith

International Expert on Violence Against Women, Rita Smith, LLC (SuperSHEro)

Rita began working as a crisis line advocate in a shelter for battered women and their children in Colorado in 1981. She has held numerous positions in Colorado and Florida since then in several local domestic violence and sexual assault programs and state coalitions, including Program Supervisor and Director.

She was the Executive Director of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence for nearly 22 years. Rita has served on two local boards of directors, as well as an ex-officio board member Executive Director of a national non-profit.
She has been interviewed by hundreds of newspaper reporters, appeared on many local and national radio and television news shows, including the Washington Post, USA Today, People Magazine, NPR, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and Oprah Winfrey Show.

She has co-authored several articles and chapters for books including a manual for attorneys working with domestic violence victims in Colorado, and an article on child custody and domestic violence published in the fall of 1997 in The Judges Journal (an American Bar Association publication).
She currently is a Senior Advisor for the National Football League on their efforts to end violence against women and is Executive Vice President of External Relations for

She believes that advocacy and social change are intricately connected and cannot be done separately.


David Stengle

Founder and CEO at Board++ (SuperHEro)

David Stengle is our VictimsVoice “Alfred.” David is a serial entrepreneur. His latest venture, Board++ cracks glass ceilings, diversifies boards and prepares our next generation for board seats.

Previous companies delivered enterprise software solutions in digital health, adtech, telecom, and fintech. He started as a programmer and later led technology, product, marketing, revenue, business development, and strategy. He’s been CEO of several companies. He spent several years as managing director and CTO of an accelerator. He also advises early-stage companies.

David is the founder and director of Startup Grind’s Princeton chapter and runs startup, blockchain, and data science meetups.

Certified EDWOSB

VictimsVoice is a Certified Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Business

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