Our Mission: Giving victims a legal voice.

Our Vision is a world where every individual is valued equally and
treated with respect and dignity.


We hear the stories time and time again – victims are fearful to come forward,
they are not believed, or worse, blamed when they do,
and they cannot remember specific details due to overwhelming trauma.

The fact is, most abuse goes unreported.
Most reported cases are dismissed due to
a lack of admissible evidence.

This is unacceptable and VictimsVoice is changing this.


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VictimsVoice Justice Crew

Sheri Kurdakul

Founder and CEO

Sheri Kurdakul is the VictimsVoice front lady, whose superpowers include taking unpopular complex problems and creating popular solutions. Her life’s journey includes surviving child abuse and domestic violence and succeeding in various company leadership roles and independent consulting.

Sheri has spoken for many professional organizations and has published several industry papers and magazine articles. She was responsible for coordinating the first CeBIT-International CES keynote webcast and has hosted and presented for countless webinars and live conferences.

Throughout, attention to giving back has remained a high priority, acting as Marketing and Technical Director for NJ Farm to School Network, Event Organizer for Fernbrook Farms annual Farm Run, and gardener – growing and donating raised beds of vegetables at her home for her local soup kitchen.

Her focus now is on making a measurable difference in the lives of all victims – men and women – so their abusers can be held accountable and they can begin to reclaim and rebuild their lives in safety and love.

To read more about her personal journey of recovery from domestic violence, CLICK HERE (Medium).

Charles Gattsek

Co-Founder & CTO

Charles Gattsek is our VictimsVoice technical superhero! As a former corporate information systems manager and thereafter an entrepreneur, he has assisted a number of organizations with the development and implementation of end-to-end integrated technology solutions.

Charles gained his technical experience as a programmer, corporate information systems manager, owner-operator of an Internet Service Provider and in the last number of years has focused on business process consulting as it related to web-based technologies.

Charles’ cross-disciplines in business and technology provide him with insight into the “why” behind both the business and technical goals which govern their business/organizational decisions.

Marcus Padulchick

Marketing Director

Marcus Padulchick is our VictimsVoice social superhero and a leading business strategist and an expert on innovation and client engagement. He is a consultant to over 50 companies in over 20 industries on 3 continents and author of the best-selling self-empowerment book, “Welcome To The Human Experience.” He also served as In-House Expert to Johnson & Johnson Strength for Caring initiative. Padulchick was the marketing and strategic placement advisor for McNeil Nutritional. He created and hosted the Padulchick Center for Entrepreneurship Leadership Series with a dozen great innovators.

Marcus is a rare speaker who brings a fun but informative presentation, as an entrepreneur, business adviser, writer and published author, board member of 3 long-standing nonprofits. Awarded the man of the year award in 1998 by Nutritional Nursing magazine, Atlanta GA. Marcus has been the keynote speaker to a wide variety of venues including the national convention of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health, Johnson & Johnson and HMO Blue NJ.

Today, Marcus focus is assisting women entrepreneurs and small business owners maintain a growth cycle with their business through business strategy, brand development, utilization of digital and social media tools.

Hamza Mushtaq

Project Manager

Hamza Mushtaq is our VictimsVoice wingman. Since childhood, he has been dissecting things to analyze how they work and figure out how to make them better. The passion to take on new challenges and learn from different experiences makes him able to see things from a wider perspective. In the past nine years, he has worked with 100’s of SMEs, individuals, coaches, and startups and has assisted them in meeting their goals. With EBinRA, he wants to assist people in finding their voice to end the long cycle of abuse in all its forms.

Kathy Garmise

Accounting Manager

Kathy Garmise is our VictimsVoice financial superhero and dedicated bean counter! As a former corporate CEO, retired CPA and then entrepreneur, she has absorbed a wealth of knowledge that serves both large and small businesses.

Kathy has been an accountant for the past 30 years and an entrepreneur for the past 12. Her first 20 years was spent at AT&T overseeing many different aspects of accounting. She began her career there, writing accounting policies and procedures (Which was great for her, since she loves to tell people what to do.) She continued to grow as an accountant, working on AT&T’s Annual Report, developing AT&T’s mechanized Cash Flow and finally ending as CEO of AT&T’s Global Real Estate Group. She left AT&T in 2006 to open her own business.

She loves understanding how things work and even more why they don‘t work. She feels that life is always offering challenges, which is a way to learn and grow. Nothing excites her more than the opportunity to solving the unsolvable puzzle.

Her career in accounting and as the owner of a small business has enabled her to touch the lives of many people. Those relationships have developed within her a strong motivation of wanting to help people grow to become the best version of themselves. She brings this personal passion to wanting to do her part to enable victims to emerge as victors, turn their lives around and become the best version of themselves.

Paula Zimmerman

Human Resources Director

Paula is our VictimsVoice people champion. She has supported business leaders for more than 18 years by creating HR practices and policies tailored to their organization’s needs in a variety of industries across the United States. She builds, manages and also advises effective and efficient employee relations, HR operations and administration, and benefits teams. In particular, she excels at providing customized and culturally-resonant employee relations, compliance, administration and process improvement solutions, including conducting employee investigations and mediations, culture and compliance training seminars, HR crisis management and other sensitive, high-risk matters such as restructuring and code of conduct/ethics violations.

In her free time, Paula volunteers with HomeFront in Trenton, NJ working with clients participating in the SHINE program. She is also a former board member of The Career Wardrobe in Philadelphia, PA which provides training, clothing and other employment assistance for women in transition looking to enter the workforce.

Sarah Dodge

Data Administrator

Sarah is our VictimsVoice Data Diva. She formerly worked for five years as a paralegal for a law firm representing non-profit organizations. During her time with the firm, she did extensive legal research for many cases and prepared complaint and decision documents related to sexual assault and harassment cases. As a result of this work, she has developed skills in research, as well as interpretation of state and federal laws, rules, and regulations.

Sarah is a recent graduate from William Paterson University and holds an undergraduate degree in psychology.

The combination of Sarah’s law and psychology background culminates in an understanding of both the legalistic and the humanistic elements of sexual assault.

Ashley Britton

PR & Communications Intern

Ashley is our VictimsVoice storyteller. She is currently a student at Syracuse University studying Political Science and Public Relations. She loves to write and has recently become interested in blogging, social and digital media, and photography. Since the beginning of her freshman year in college, she has written for Odyssey, an online media company that allows users to write and share content, and in June of 2018, she assumed the position as President for the Syracuse team of Odyssey writers.

VictimsVoice Justice League Advisors

David Stengle

Founder and CEO at Board++

David Stengle is our VictimsVoice “Alfred.” David is a serial entrepreneur. His latest venture, Board++ cracks glass ceilings, diversifies boards and prepares our next generation for board seats.

Previous companies delivered enterprise software solutions in digital health, adtech, telecom, and fintech. He started as a programmer and later led technology, product, marketing, revenue, business development, and strategy. He’s been CEO of several companies. He spent several years as managing director and CTO of an accelerator. He also advises early-stage companies.

David is the founder and director of Startup Grind’s Princeton chapter and runs startup, blockchain, and data science meetups.

Sylvia Rose Viarrial

Creator, Innovator, Advisor and Promoter in National, Native American, Tribal and International Communities and Relations

Sylvia Rose Viarrial is a V4 SuperSHEro – VictimsVoice Valiant Visionary Victor.  She holds superpowers to create, innovate, advise, explore, and promote in local, foreign and gray legal areas.  Sylvia Rose provides assistance and development in challenging and foreign areas, including case management, case study, and legal advocacy so that justice may prevail.  As a survivor of Domestic Violence, she holds deep compassion, kindness, and dedication in action for all survivors of abuse. In her career as a Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault Counselor and Lay Advocate, she is trauma and historical trauma-informed. She has demonstrated success in Legal Advocacy representation in tribal courts for victims of abuse, advocates for sexual assault survivors within the criminal justice system, assists in crisis intervention, and has assisted in investigation support.  She trains and provides knowledge regarding domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, and sexual exploitation while teaching additional awareness to key stakeholders, state agencies and a variety of disciplines from law enforcement to service provider’s in ethics, advocacy, and confidentiality for Native American Tribal, national and international communities.  She is a trained expert witness by the United States Department of Justice office of legal education in various areas such as Suffocation and Strangulation.  She is trained and has built and enhanced coordinated criminal justice responses to battering in rural communities and healing strategies for counseling children and adolescents.

Sylvia Rose holds additional education in general accounting principles and early childhood development while currently continuing her education and study in law.

Sylvia Rose has been recognized, honored and awarded for many achievements in her fields of study, work and performance.  She is featured and interviewed in a documentary, podcast, radio shows and articles regarding domestic violence and the Violence Against Women’s Act (VAWA).  She was recently honored and awarded by the Attorney General of the State of New Mexico, for her work in the field of abuse and her unwavering support and generous contributions to ensure the success of the 2019 New Mexico Human Trafficking Conference.

Sylvia Rose Viarrial
Heather Glogolich

Heather Glogolich

Law Enforcement Advisor

Heather Glogolich is our VictimsVoice Crime Fighter. Heather is a Police Lieutenant for a Morris County, New Jersey Law Enforcement Agency with 15 years of experience. Among her many responsibilities, she investigates domestic violence incidents which include the support of victims. Heather is passionate and dedicated to taking action to aid victims of all crimes which is one of the main reasons she became a police officer.

Heather is a survivor of domestic violence which is why she has dedicated her time to be an advisor with VictimsVoice. Her pursuit for a world where victims are empowered and educated on how to take back control of their lives is paramount to her personal belief system. Heather tours the east coast as a panelist and presenter for victims’ advocacy. She is in the process of completing her first book which will feature her individual story of violence along with the mindset that helped her take control back of her life.