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Evidence Documentation that is Legally Admissible to
Simplify the Complex.

Giving Victims a Legal Voice.

VictimsVoice App

How Can I Help?


Thank you for joining the Coronavirus Conversations and learning about what we are doing to make a difference in the lives of those suffering from abuse and domestic violence. There is more to be done, but a great first step is enabling victims to gather the necessary evidence – and YOU CAN HELP.



$ 30.00

Good for 1 Year License
Offer valid through 5/17/20


Use Promo Code: COVID-19

Professionals contact us for a demo.

VictimsVoice is a tool that allows victims to document a continuum of behaviors that make it easier to demonstrate abuse and provide much-needed evidence when and if a case goes to court.

Because victims don’t always know what to document, we ask questions that can potentially uncover the opportunity to bring additional charges, identify witnesses or other victims, and find additional corroborating evidence such as medical records.

This is done through a secure online platform and the output report meets the strict standards for court admissibility.

How Does it Benefit the Recipient?

Evidence documentation


We ask the questions which means they don’t leave out important details, such as additional witnesses, doctor visits with recorded injuries not reported, etc.

Victims don’t always know what to document – we remove the guesswork.



It takes time and energy to collect all the information needed to proceed with a case. Having everything in one place, geolocated, date and time-stamped, and chronologically stored makes it easier for them to seek the justice they deserve.

One report with all the details.

Dog looking through a fence


In domestic violence cases, there are often other forms of abuse occurring in the home. 

We ask questions that can potentially uncover the opportunity to bring additional charges, such as animal abuse or weapons charges.



$ 30.00

Good for 1 Year License
Offer valid through 5/17/20


Use Promo Code: COVID-19

Professionals contact us for a demo.


Watch the video below to see how it works and its unique features.

*Only pay for the years you need it. We’ll keep your information safe if you need to come back – even if it’s years later.


You won’t find us in any app store. Access the VIctimsVoice PWA (Progressive Web App) from any device. For mobile devices, you can save it to your home screen. Enter your activation code to activate your account.

Once activated, you’ll be able to start adding your entries and storing your evidence into your secure account.

Nothing is stored on any device so you can access it from anywhere, even a public computer. Just log in and get started.


You can use it from any device.
Nothing to download so nothing to discover.
No App Store trail.



Purchase an annual license for your immediate use. 

You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that we’ll automatically renew your subscription until you tell us otherwise*.

Your license grants you secure account access and information storage. 

Gift Donation


Purchase a license to donate to someone who might not otherwise be able to afford it.

Whether you gift it to someone you know or leave it up to us to donate your gift, you’ll be making a direct difference in someone’s life.

Partner Distribution


Become a VictimsVoice Partner and purchase bulk licenses to give to those you serve in your community. 

We currently work with District Attorney’Prosecutor’s Offices, Victim Advocates, Nonprofits, Attorneys, and Law Enforcement.


The app allows for text and image uploads.

A series of carefully guided questions ensures all pertinent information is being captured and can be used in a US court of law. Our system has been vetted by attorneys and nonprofit professionals to ensure the app collects the right information.

Safe. Secure. Consistent. Complete. Private.

Controlled by you – only you.


Miss the webinar?

Watch the replay and learn more about how the UN Women, The Alliance for HOPE International, and VictimsVoice are working to bring change to victims of domestic violence.

Interested to know about our Partner Program?

The VictimsVoice Partner Program guarantees access regardless of financial circumstances.
Your participation is their gateway to that access.

"This is evidence-based documentation which helps us not only charge people but it helps the Prosecutor's Office prosecute them."

Police LieutenantNew Jersey

I started documenting all the times he yelled at me, called me names, and hit me. When I finally went to the police for a restraining order, I had a copy of my report from the app. I was able to show how this was not the first time he hit me. Now my kids and I are safe.

Melissa BArizona

No one would believe that she was abusing me. I'm 6'5" and a big guy - she's 5'4" and petite. Having the photos in the report of the bruises she left on me and all my stuff she destroyed helped me prove that she was the abuser here.

Tom CGeorgia

I tried to talk to my friend about the way her boyfriend treats her. She got mad at me instead and defended him. I bought a gift card and gave it to her, telling her she could use it if she wanted to. It was an easy way to help her without making her mad at me and secretly help herself without being embarrassed.

Mary TDelaware

I wish I had this when I was going through it.

Shawn GNew York

My friends were really mean to me and the school wouldn't listen. They didn't believe it was that bad. Mom finally got me the app so I could keep details of everything. Now it's finally being taken care of and those kids are being punished. This app helped me feel brave and heard.

Samantha SCalifornia
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