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Princeton, NJ (Thursday, June 20, 2019) – Just under a year ago, Sheri Kurdakul acted on a vision to help survivors of domestic violence. From this vision, she founded VictimsVoice: a legal tool that gives victims of abuse a legal voice.

As the Founder and CEO of the company, and a survivor of domestic violence, Kurdakul aspires to reach a national market of victims to ensure that they are heard, believed, and have the ability to seek legal justice.  “It took me years to overcome and navigate the complexities of abuse survival and the court system,” says Kurdakul. “Based on my own experiences, I wanted to simplify the process so victims could focus on healing.”

According to NoMore and the CDC, 12.7 million men and women are subjected to domestic violence each year, with more unaccounted for and classified at risk.“While the #MeToo movement has increased the conversation about harassment and abuse, victims are still not being believed, reports are not being turned into cases, and cases are not being taken to court,” Kurdakul explains. “This is frustrating and is why we set out to fix the root of this problem by creating VictimsVoice.”

80% of reported cases are dismissed due to a lack of evidence. “Victims tend to not be able to remember specific details of the past when they’re suffering from PTSD and other traumas, and therefore cannot produce enough evidence to present a case,” says Kurdakul. “During the Kavanaugh Senate hearings in September 2018, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford could not remember many of the specific details of her assault and because of this, her case would not have been prosecutable. We want to address this huge problem.”

As a way to combat this rising issue, the VictimsVoice app allows victims to record each incident of their abuse. This system encrypts and stores the user’s information permanently and is designed to satisfy the strictest legal standards of court admissibility, as well as Federal compliance regulations.

“When having to go to court, the lawyers always told me to document everything. But documenting is hard to get right – it can be unsafe, insecure, exposed, destroyed, inconsistent, incomplete, and inadmissible,” explains Kurdakul. “So years of therapy and putting my life back together, I decided to create a solution that could solve the largest hurdle for victims of all sorts – #Record2Remember with a secure digital diary that would remember the details for the victim and the courts would allow as evidence.”

The VictimsVoice app is live and currently available in the Google Play Store and as a web app. For more information, visit the official website at

CONTACT: Ashley Britton

VictimsVoice is a tool that aims to fix the legal documentation burdens victims face when recalling details for reporting acts of abuse, harassment, and discrimination. It meets the strict legal standards (Daubert Standard) of court admissibility and gives complete ownership and control to the victim – no one else.

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