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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Emotional First Aid Kit For A Bad Day

Tools To Handle All The Hard Things Life Throws At You


Stressed out on the couchSo you had a bad day. Instead of turning to habit cooping mechanism, this talk will give you hands on skills you can start using to manage a bad day and not fall victim to it. Learn how to stay in control when disaster strikes and wants to take you down.

By the end of this talk you will feel confident you know how to manage your emotions and outlook to get through any tough situation.



This is for anyone that wants to not feel like a victim to their bad day. Also helpful to anyone that stands alongside others when they are going through a hard day.

If you are a survivor, a victim advocate, a counselor, or a therapist, you won’t want to miss this!

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Katherine Luther


Life Coach, Luther Method Life Coaching
Once the dust settles on a battlefield, there, you will see your victor standing.

My first battle happened when I was ten years old. The principal of my school molested me. This led me to fight the battle of depression and suicidal thoughts through all of high school.

Young adulthood just revealed how unhealed my battle wounds were. I fell prey to an abuser who fits every part of the definition. It took me four years to gain the strength to win that battle over my life and soul.

My anthem through all of the hardship I have suffered, is “There is Purpose to My Pain!” My ashes are made beautiful so I can help others find the good side of hope again. My calling is to help women live a life without fear of repercussions. I became a Life Coach so that I can teach people how to be victors over their lives, not victims to their battlefields.

I stand on this battlefield a champion of my own mental health, a devoted mother to a baby girl, a successful business woman and working mom, and a bringer of hope to the brokenhearted.

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