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Strangulation Investigation Roll Call Training

February 24 @ 4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

Strangulation Investigations Roll Call Training

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The Institute for Coordinated Community Response and RESPOND Against Violence has partnered to produce Texas’ first Strangulation Investigations Roll Call Training. Divided into six short video segments, complete with discussion and resource guides, this training prepares law enforcement to recognize and effectively document evidence of strangulation, leading to more successful felony prosecutions and increasing safety for entire communities.

The use of strangulation as a form of domestic violence is an undeniable red flag for future violence and homicide—not only for the victim but our communities as a whole. Perpetrators who strangle pose the highest threat to the lives of law enforcement officers and the correlation between mass shooters and the history of strangulation has been well-documented. Although strangulation is a felony in Texas, this heinous crime is too often overlooked due to elusive evidence and the already complicated dynamics of domestic violence crimes. It is imperative that our criminal justice system has the training and tools to hold society’s most dangerous offenders accountable.

The panelists will share video snippets of the training, discuss the importance of strangulation investigations and how to ensure all patrol officers are trained and answer questions from the audience. Attendees will receive access to the full training after the panel.



The Strangulation Investigation Roll Call Training is a free resource geared toward Texas Law Enforcement. After completing this training, officers will be trained on using the Strangulation Supplement to effectively document evidence of strangulation crimes.

PART 1: The Biggest Red Flag
PART 2: Anatomy & Mechanisms of Injury
PART 3: Establishing & Understanding Intent
PART 4: Impeding Normal Breathing & Circulation of Blood
PART 5: Visible Injury
PART 6: Working Together To Save Lives

The videos, discussion, and resource guides will be accessible on ICCR’s website after the panel discussion on February 24th.



CEO, Conference on Crimes Against Women

For nearly 30 years, Jan has been an activist in efforts to end violence against women. As the CEO, she oversees internal and external operations as well as funding and community education. Under her leadership, Genesis has grown from a seven-room emergency shelter to a full-service response for survivors of domestic violence and maintained its unique status as one of the few victim services programs that accomplish sustainability without government funding. She is also a recognized national expert on domestic violence and conducts training and workshops across the United States. In partnership with the Dallas Police Department and the FBI, she co-founded the annual International Conference on Crimes Against Women.

Founder and CEO, RESPOND Against Violence

Kelsey McKay is the President of RESPOND Against Violence and McKay Training & Consulting, LLC. Ms. McKay trains and consults nationally to strengthen how communities collaborate, investigate, and prosecute strangulation, sexual violence, and intimate partner violence cases. She develops experts to testify and trains on the implementation of a strangulation supplement and community collaboration.

CEO, Conference on Crimes Against Women

Dave Thomas is an International Association of Chiefs of Police Program Manager primarily focusing on projects pertaining to law enforcement and violence against women. Mr. Thomas retired from teh Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD) in December 2020, having been the second-highest decorated officer in the department’s history. Upon leaving the police department, he served as a Senior Advisor to the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention Victim Services Unit as a Domestic Violence Specialist. In January 2002, he signed on with Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Division of Public Safety Leadership where he served as the Program Administrator of Domestic Violence Education, as well as teaching courses related to violence against women crimes in the Divisions Police Executive Leadership Program.



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All of ICCR’s training is completely FREE for participants thanks to the generous support of the W.W. Caruth, Jr. Foundation and the Moody Foundation.

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