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WORKSHOP: “Just Record It!” The Rights and Wrongs of Stalking and Domestic Violence Documentation (3/11/2021)
Victims’ pleas for help from domestic violence and stalking too often go unheard or are met with disbelief and blame. They frantically save everything they can to prove what’s happening, only to find out that most of it is not admissible in court. BUT WHY? Because not all information is created equal and the way you collect and store it matters.

Sheri Kurdakul, CEO of VictimsVoice and survivor of child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence will give you the questions to ask and the why behind those questions so you can make sure you are properly and thoroughly vetting your options and can make informed decisions on the technology you recommend for the safety of those most in need of your advice and direction, and provide answers that satisfy the needs of your organization and the legal process. You’ll learn about the VictimsVoice tool and why it stands up to the scrutiny of prosecutors, judicial legal standards, federally regulated privacy rules, and survivors themselves.

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August 2021

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March 2021

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February 2021

WORKPLACE: When Domestic Violence Impacts the Workplace

January 2021
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