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Safety Planning with Survivors of Domestic Violence and Their Pets

Zoom -

60-Minute Webinar Hosted by: BestyBnB ABOUT THIS EVENT Pets are often used as tools to maintain power and control in abusive relationships and can create specific barriers between the survivor and safety. This presentation will give an overview of the special bond survivors share with their pets, the unique challenges survivors face when keeping their pets while leaving an abusive...

PAVE Summit 2022

Omni Hotel Chicago 676 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL

PAVE Prevention, Inc. is a social enterprise initiative that offers guidance, education, training, and advice to companies, their employees, and the communities they operate within to proactively prevent. and heal from violent events. The PAVE Summit 2022 is a 2.5-day event with top leaders across various industries collaborating with participants to redefine workplace violence, create solutions to deescalate violence in...

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