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Coronavirus Conversations


How to Make a Positive Impact Join us for the @BeSocialChange Coronavirus Conversations about #domesticviolence to share solutions for victims and ways we can each make an impact during this crisis. On May 12, join me online to discuss the issue. | #COVID19 #Coronavirus #nonprofit #impact This online event is for anyone who wants to support people who may be experiencing domestic violence or for those who...

Mothers and Daughters: Building Bonds and Burying Baggage

A necessary conversation is taking place this weekend for women all over the world. You may not be a mother, but if you are a woman, you are someone's daughter. We will discuss the critical need for mothers and daughters to heal their relationship so that nations can be born! It's time to heal....

ICWLE Presents: Hurt From Relationships, Series 5


The International Council of Women in Law Enforcement Presents: Hurt From Relationships, Series Five This series is designed by women for women to address issues that hurt us in the past and present and to develop strategies to resolve those issues in the future. Our zoom series has exceeded our expectations, so please join us for our next installment in...

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