What if you could capture and securely store all the evidence of your abuse in a way that could be used in court?

You CAN be heard and believed! Get your license for free.

VictimsVoice will donate your annual license fee of $39.95 to members of our Facebook Groups and give you the chance to safely and securely #Record2Remember so you can finally be #HeardAndBelieved.

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VictimsVoice App

You Deserve a Tool To Help

VictimsVoice allows victims of abuse to document each incident of their abuse while collecting the necessary evidence to bring a case to court. Your output report meets the strict legal standard of court admissibility for evidence, providing you an easier time to get your case prosecuted. It also provides law enforcement the ability to bring additional charges to a case, reducing the time, money and resources necessary for attorneys to process a case, and allowing prosecutors and district attorneys a path to an increase in successful prosecutions.

Why Documentation?

We ask questions you might not think to document which means you don’t leave out important details, such as additional witnesses, doctor visits with recorded injuries not reported, etc. When you don’t always know what to document – we remove the guesswork and simplify the complex.

We make sure you can get the right information into a legally admissible tool that is safe to use, secure enough so abusers can NEVER access it, and private enough that their identity is never revealed unless they choose to do so.