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Lean In NJ Conference

Remo - VictimsVoice

Join us for the LEAN IN NJ Conference to launch National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. We’ll address the realities of domestic violence; what to expect as a victim, survivor, parent, professional, friend, and concerned citizen. WATCH THE RECORDED SESSIONS WITH RESOURCES  Our intention is to go beyond the media sound bites and statistics and lean into vital information for...

When Domestic Violence Impacts Your Workplace

Remo - VictimsVoice

What does 8 million days, $1.8 dollars, and a 2000 hour work year all have in common?  That's the impact of domestic violence on businesses in the US every year. . ABOUT THIS EVENT Domestic violence clearly impacts the motivation, productivity, and morale of employees, and as business owners and leaders, there are things you can, should, and must do...

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