You Deserve a Tool To Help

When your clients’ need to document each incident of abuse, there’s a tool that you can help them access. It captures all the right information. It’s secure. It meets the strict legal requirements of court admissibility. Best of all, they control their account and it’s information – no one else.

Partner Program

The VictimsVoice Partner Program guarantees access regardless of financial circumstances.

Your participation is their
gateway to that access.

VictimsVoice App

A tool to access a legally admissible mechanism for victims to document abuse incidents in a safe, secure, consistent, complete and private manner.


We offer bulk purchase gift cards to offset the cost of an annual subscription for your clients.

No longer will a financial trail or inability to pay be a barrier to having a tool to allow them to


Gifting them a card allows a VictimsVoice to be heard.

of all domestic violence victims suffer financial abuse.

of all domestic violence victims become
homeless at some point in their lives.


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  • Inclusion in regular social marketing and calendar event promotion
  • Inclusion in “Giving Tuesday Weekend” promotion and recipients of retail discounted purchase gift cards

*All Organization Partner must agree to have gift cards on-hand to give to their clients. Referral Partners work to support Orgnaization Partners through on-hand card donations and directing victims to the Organization Partners for which they support. Gift cards are subject to EBinRA, Inc. Terms and Conditions.

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