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We collect the evidence.

Because legally admissible documentation really doesn't matter...


We’re the tool. You’re the resource.

Together, we support survivors in creating safer and more meaningful outcomes.

Our Partners Include:
Law Enforcement
Tribal Communities
Family Law Firms
Healthcare Practitioners
Child Service Organizations
and more…


What Is The Partner Program?

Chances are, you’re already recommending that victims “document everything.”

What and how they document could mean the difference in:

  • getting a protective order
  • having enough evidence to bring charges
  • being able to prepare as a credible witness in a court hearing
  • and more…
Document Everything written in a notebook Girl holding out the VictimsVoice app

  Steps In Membership

The VictimsVoice Partner Program allows you to pre-pay annual licenses* for victims who need to collect evidence, then give them an option to document that really counts when it matters most.

The licenses are grant-worthy for VOCA funds and other grant opportunities. Your Partner Member dashboard offers basic analytics for grant reporting purposes.

Then we promote you.
As a member location, we encourage those being harmed to reach out to you to get a free license, giving you the opportunity to share valuable resources available in their community – victims that might not otherwise come forward.

It guarantees access regardless of financial circumstances and eliminates any financial trail, ensuring anonymity for the victim. Because the user is the only one with access to their account, there is no liability for the providing organization/agency.

Now they are collecting evidence – previously elusive and fact-based details needed by advocates, investigators, attorneys, and prosecutors to help survivors get protection and seek appropriate legal justice to hold offenders accountable.

The technology is built to meet the Daubert Standard and ensures chain of custody. It is also built to meet HIPAA, VAWA, VOCA, FVPSA, GDPR, CCPA, and more. 

  Partner Member Benefits


  • Relevant documentation at the incident level.
  • Secure evidence collection.


  • Leave behind tool for a victim to gather evidence.


  • Insights for improved survivor support with a better understanding of the depth of trauma.


  • Ensures your clients are documenting relevant and evidenced-based details.
  • Centralizes needed information to support your case in court.


  • Contributes to evidence collection in context of abuse.
  • Allows after care help


  • Centralized evidence with context.
  • Potentially allowing for additional charge recommendations.


  • Survivor-managed evidence instead of sending it to you.
  • Evidence and context for protective order petitions and hearings.


  • Helps build stronger cases with stiffer charges and higher convictions.
  • Supports witnesses in courtroom testimony and against defense cross-examination.

  Partner Program Requirements

Because 99% of all domestic violence victims face financial abuse, it’s crucial that you help eliminate their inability to pay or leaving a financial trail. Our program requirements are simple:

  • You have the ability to provide an activation code when one is requested*
    • We promote your organization,  its services, and your events. We also promote that you are a safe place to obtain a license.
  • Activation codes cannot be resold
    • The whole point of our program is to offset the cost to victims that need it most.
  • We encourage the codes are to be given directly to the user and not mailed+
    • This is a true partnership – we are trying to get people to the resources they need. If you mail them, they can be intercepted and may lose that connection and cannot learn about all the resources you have or can recommend.

*Beginning minimum purchase is 10 cards. Afterward, codes may be obtained on an “as-needed” basis
+Exceptions for remote areas where in-person visits are restricted is understood

  Partner Program Benefits

VictimsVoice Partner Member logo
  • Listing on corresponding state Policy Page
  • Retail Gift Program recipient** (individuals can purchase a gift for one of our partners to receive as a donation to that organization)
  • Customizable Resource Page (post events with customizable event page)
  • Inclusion in regular social marketing and calendar event promotion
  • Inclusion in donation promotions** and recipients of retail discounted purchase gift cards

*All Partner Members must agree to have the ability to provide a license when one is requested. Gift cards are subject to EBinRA, Inc. Terms and Conditions.
**Government agencies are not eligible for this program but may, instead, name a 501c3 organization for which they are affiliated or refer clients.

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