What if you could help someone trapped in domestic violence?

12.7 Million

You CAN make a difference!

Every year, 12.7 million people in the United States are affected by domestic violence, yet despite the MeToo movement, we still see less than 2% of abusers prosecuted. With COVID restrictions, those numbers are increasing dramatically.

Donate and Affect Change TODAY.

Your card donation will be gifted to a person that cannot afford to pay the annual fee and give them the chance to safely and securely document the proof they need to get protection and seek legal justice.

And, $10 of your donation will go to the VictimsVoice Halo Fund, providing interest-free loans up to $1,000 with six months to pay it back.*


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$ 40.00

Incl. Annual License + $10 Fund Donation


VVH Fund loan donations over $50
will get a free t-shirt while supplies last.


It Starts With The Proof

Your donation gives them a year’s license to the VictimsVoice tool so they can document the details of each incident of abuse and it eliminates the financial barrier to access. It captures all the RIGHT information. It’s secure and it meets the strict legal requirements of court admissibility. Best of all, they control their account and it’s information – no one else.

It Provides a Financial Safety Net

Financial abuse is the reality of domestic violence. A $1,000 interest-free loan may be the difference between homelessness or a rent deposit, or walking or driving a car to work.

Your donation lessens the financial strain that forces many survivors to return to their abusive partners and empowers them to dream of a life in their control and on their terms.