YOU can make an impact. 

Your Halo Fund donation provides the opportunity for a no-interest loan of up to $1,000 with up to 6 months to pay it forward. 

It also provides a free annual license for the VictimsVoice documentation tool so those being harmed can document their abuse in a legally admissible way. LEARN MORE…


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The Fund. 

According to a 2019 FreeFrom report, “Survivors report, on average, that they need $730 right now to stay safe.” The VictimsVoice Halo Fund offers zero-interest loans up to $1,000 with up to 6-months to “Pay It Forward.” We call it paying forward because all the money paid goes right back into the fund for the next survivor who needs cash. And we’ve partnered with The Halo App so the whole process is easy and confidential.

The App

We couple this donor program with the VictimsVoice App because getting out is only one step in the equation. According to the “National Domestic Violence Prosecution Best Practices Guide (2017),” 80% of cases are dismissed largely due to a lack of evidence. Victims are saving information, but the system requires specific information delivered in a specific way to meet the high standards as evidence. We make sure they get it right so they are #HeardAndBelieved.

The VictimsVoice Halo Fund

We put these two amazing pieces together to create a more holistic approach in meeting the needs of those trapped in an abusive relationship – collect your truth and provide you the means to get out and move toward life on your terms.


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When the conversation is too painful. 

Bringing up the fact that their relationship is abusive can be difficult – even impossible. But letting them know you care and are offering a way to help without confrontation may be the solution they need to see what’s happening and be able to prove it when they decide to get help.

Gift Card For Immediate Help

Send it to you or send it directly to them in an unmarked envelope. Either way, you are providing them with the lifeline they need to get help and seek legal justice should they need it. The license is good for an entire year of documentation. Should they need to extend their license, they can do it from their account or you can gift another card.


VictimsVoice Activation Card for the Partner Program

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Incl. Annual License


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Locate Resources

Most of all, be supportive and listen. Often times a victim is not yet ready to admit what is happening to them is abuse and is seeking validation and someone to listen to them and believe them. 

Here are some additional resources to help you help others:

  • Look for resources in your area that can support your friend or loved one. CLICK HERE for RESOURCES
  • Educate yourself on the term “Trauma-Informed” and why their reactions may surprise you. CLICK HERE for INFORMATION
  • If you believe someone is being abused, CLICK HERE for ACTIONS
  • If you believe someone is in imminent harm, contact your local authorities and ask for a by dialing 911.