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Built by survivors, for survivors of domestic violence.

We share stories and provide immediate actionable resources for people to identify, overcome and heal from all forms of intimate partner mistreatment, while educating individuals and organizations to be better support people.

We meet the greatest needs for historically marginalized communities with limited and difficult access concerns, addressing disparities in economics, court systems, transportation, and limited public awareness to unique dilemmas survivors face in gaining access to services, and ease of communication.

Our bold, diverse, and inclusive Team and Board have lived through abuse, and thrived to create unique and diverse online services to survivor’s biggest problems.

We envision a world where survivors can recognize the feelings in their relationships as the hallmark red flags of abuse, effortlessly communicate, access resources, and embark on a journey of healing without financial or logistical barriers.

Our vision is driven by the urgent necessity for accessible and free or low-cost trauma-informed solutions.

By nurturing diverse online communities with embedded safety mechanisms, we provide a sanctuary where survivors can explore their healing process in privacy and security.

Safe In Harm's Way

Sample Resources

Below are a couple of examples of interactive resources to help you:

  • Explore Your Feelings and Emotions
  • End the Relationship
  • Navigate Systems
  • Heal Yourself

Click the images below to be redirected to the Safe In Harm’s Way website and learn more.

Flower Of Feelings

The Flower of Feelings explores the emotions of your relationships, and how to recognize and heal from those feelings which hurt the most.

Court Case Databases

The Court Case Database is a public database for court records across the U.S. by state.

The Last I'm Sorry | Feeling Small Campaign

A collection of resources from Safe In Harm’s Way and which includes multiple sources of awareness and action for survivors to immediately implement.

Members of the community in need of a free VictimsVoice license can request one at this location.

Contact Information

Admin Office Email:

Note: We do not offer a crisis hotline or shelter services, but we do have partners that can help.
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