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Video And Audio Surveillance Laws: VA

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VIRGINIA is considered a One-Party Consent State, in that at least one person involved in the recorded communication must give permission. As per the Justia website1, Under Virginia law it is a felony to record an in-person or telephone conversation without the consent of at least one party. Offenders may be subject to civil damages as well. VA Code § 19.2-62 (definition…

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Domestic Violence: Knowing Your Worth Seminar (VA)

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Patterns of Financial and Mental Abuse. You will be certified by Sophia Melone. The entry fee is for speakers, food, 1 certification, and 1 drawing. Speakers List: Cynthya Hale, FFT Helping Others CEO, Domestic Violence Rally Founder, Global Goodwill Ambassador Humanitarian, and counselor Evangelist Patricia Fowler, VA Domestic Violence Rally Director, and Pure Heart Ministries and Writer Sophia Melone, Debt…

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