We’re more than a legal voice. We’re now a Financial boost.

Those experiencing domestic violence are almost always experiencing FINANCIAL abuse – limited or no access to money, spending being monitored and controlled, or no job are just a few of the ways.



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Eight out of ten reported cases of domestic violence never see justice because there is not enough proof – no irrefutable evidence. and even if they want to escape, they’re almost always victims of financial abuse.
According to a 2020 study*, “Survivors report that, on average, they need $730 right now to stay safe” and that the money would be used on utility bills, credit/debit relief, safe employment, and unrestricted cash needs.

Most people don’t have $730 or more to give away. But together $10, $20, or even $50 collectively can change their lives forever. The VictimsVoice Halo Fund ensures that the person in need has the opportunity to document their abuse, the evidence needed to get protection and seek legal justice while aiding the justice system in holding abusers accountable, then use the cash for whatever they need to feel safe. 100% of the donation goes directly to the fund and becomes a 0-interest loan+.


STEP 1: DONATE a year’s license to the VictimsVoice tool, giving them the ability to document the proof they need to get protection and seek legal justice
STEP 2: Choose whether to donate $10 or more to the VictimsVoice Halo Fund
STEP 3: CLICK ABOVE to get started


*FreeFrom Releases National Report On Survivors’ Needs and Challenges During COVID-19 and Beyond – https://www.freefrom.org/news/survivors-know-best-report
+Loan amount not to exceed $1,000 and to be paid back within a maximum 6-month period of time. All loan payback amounts subsequently go back into the VictimsVoice Halo Fund to ensure growth to that account. For more information about The Halo App’s terms and conditions, visit https://www.thehaloapp.com.

Because Domestic Violence Does Not Discriminate

Together we can help them live happier, healthier lives free from all forms of abuse.