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We are an Indigenous survivor led 501c3 non-profit located in Wisconsin serving Indigenous survivors of sexual violence and families of Missing Murdered Indigenous Women.

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This is a growing map of MMIW/P resources available across Turtle Island to help groups and families quickly locate agencies, non-profits, grassroots, and other organizations that provide direct services to families of MMIW/P and survivors of violence. The map was co-developed by Waking Women Healing Institute, the Data + Feminism Lab, and MIT students. We hope to improve responses and increase access to support for those experiencing violence and cases of MMIW/P.

Each dot opens a pop-up that shares the location, contact details, and services available for each known entity. Notably, this is an on-going, collaborative effort to map Indigenous-led, community-based organizations and we welcome your suggestions for groups that should be on the map. Please reach out to us with your suggestions at and

Waking Women Healing Institute logoCredits: Waking Women Healing Institute: Kristin Welch, Dr. Renee Gralewicz, Paula Mohan, Marianne Flynn Statz, Katelyne Welch, Alysse Corn; MIT Data + Feminism Lab: Catherine D’Ignazio, Kevin Lee, Dení López, Patricia García Iruegas, Ana Letelier, Hannah Shumway, Melissa Teng, Julia Christina Camacho, Betzabe Valdés, Gus Raymond

Data sources: The Safe Passage mapping project by the Native Women’s Association of Canada. The National Center for Victims of Crime, National Congress of American Indians, Tribal Law and Policy Institute, and StrongHearts Native Helpline’s Tribal Resource Tool. Indigenous nation names and traditional territory boundaries from Native Land Digital. Data on government recognized Indigenous territories from Natural Resources Canada and the US Census Bureau.

Thanks to Profs. Elizabeth Rule, Gabriella Carolini and Larry Susskind for leading the Indigenous Environmental Planning course from which our collaboration began.

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Members of the community in need of a free VictimsVoice license can request one at this location.

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Mailing Address:
1126 Main Street, Suite B,
Gresham, WI 54128

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