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When Domestic Violence Impacts Your Workplace

January 12 @ 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Domestic Violence in the Workplace

What does 8 million days, $1.8 dollars, and a 2000 hour work year all have in common? 

That’s the impact of domestic violence on businesses in the US every year.

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Domestic violence clearly impacts the motivation, productivity, and morale of employees, and as business owners and leaders, there are things you can, should, and must do to support your team. This 50-minute workshop will cover the following:

  • What should employers think about how domestic violence (DV) affects their workplace?
  • What laws are implicated in DV scenarios?
  • How does HIPAA confidentiality factor in?
  • How do you address remote working employees in areas of threats and vulnerabilities?
  • How do you keep your workplace safe?

Ayesha Hamilton, an employment law attorney in NJ, NY, and PA will cover the legal obligations, but also look at safety, security, training, and the morale of your entire team.

There will be a 30-minute networking opportunity prior to the workshop. Small group video chat will be enabled for networking. A list of resources will be made available to all attendees following the event.




Employment Attorney, Hamilton Law Firm PC

Ayesha Hamilton, Esq. is an attorney licensed to practice law in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. She founded her law practice 15 years ago and focuses on employment law, with an emphasis on representing employees in claims against their present and former employers for unfair, discriminatory, and retaliatory practices. The Hamilton Law Firm team provides knowledgeable, compassionate, and professional legal services to their individual and business clients from their offices located in Princeton, New Jersey.



Hamilton Law Firm

The Hamilton Law Firm represents employees in their claims against their employers arising from harassment, discrimination, and retaliation in the workplace. The Firm also provides advice and counsel to small business employers on business and employment issues.

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